Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Paperback Book Release!

Announcing the release of a paperback collection of  lessons
by Vicki Vanderhorst

With Spirit

For over twenty years, you and hundreds of others have listened to my talks, attended my workshops and freely shared your thoughts and experiences with me.  You have challenged me to delve deeper into the great mystery of life.

Many people have had the opportunity to hear me speak on a regular basis at services and ceremonies.  Others sat with me in quiet consultation while we worked to find life solutions centered in Spirit.

I wanted an opportunity for more people to experience the message of Spirit and was led to gather from my collection of lessons, those that would be a good starting point, privately or as a group.

The style of the lessons is light and speaks directly to daily life experiences we all encounter. I want to ask and help you answer one question.

How do we live a life where our spiritual nature is more visible than our human nature?

My hope is that through reading these stories and reflections you will be filled with enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure for walking the path of an awake being.
At the end of the book you will find a section called Making It Real.

For each chapter there are questions and statements for your consideration and reflection.  These can also be used as guidelines for group study.