Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Paperback Book Release!

Announcing the release of a paperback collection of  lessons
by Vicki Vanderhorst

With Spirit

For over twenty years, you and hundreds of others have listened to my talks, attended my workshops and freely shared your thoughts and experiences with me.  You have challenged me to delve deeper into the great mystery of life.

Many people have had the opportunity to hear me speak on a regular basis at services and ceremonies.  Others sat with me in quiet consultation while we worked to find life solutions centered in Spirit.

I wanted an opportunity for more people to experience the message of Spirit and was led to gather from my collection of lessons, those that would be a good starting point, privately or as a group.

The style of the lessons is light and speaks directly to daily life experiences we all encounter. I want to ask and help you answer one question.

How do we live a life where our spiritual nature is more visible than our human nature?

My hope is that through reading these stories and reflections you will be filled with enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure for walking the path of an awake being.
At the end of the book you will find a section called Making It Real.

For each chapter there are questions and statements for your consideration and reflection.  These can also be used as guidelines for group study.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Small Blessings, Great Joy

We are so incredibly blessed – more than we know, more than we can imagine. How often do you remember that you are an expression of infinite love and Divine Mind? Created by the same infinite energy that created the entire universe. I would call that a blessing! There are two principles that create the foundation for everything else: there is only one presence, one power and it is good and we are creations which spring from this Source of all Good. The implications of these two principles are huge. Here’s the question: if something is all good – can it create something that is less than good? Or mixed good and not so good? Like peanut butter. If the jar says it contains 100% peanuts…can we scoop out anything other than peanuts? No, it can’t happen. If we take an orange and squeeze it – what will get? Orange juice. Not tomato juice or spinach juice. In the same way, since we are created from the Infinite Source of all Good – including joy, love, compassion, faith, peace – is it possible for us to NOT have these same divine qualities within us? No. If our divine nature includes all these things, then the question is – why am I not experiencing all aspects of my divinity all the time? Why can’t I just dip and pull out faith any time I want? What is blocking my abundance from just spilling out of me? Why am I not 100% peaceful all the time? In addition to our spiritual nature, which we have just identified as All Good- we are also blessed with our human nature. Our human nature consists of our limited perspective of the world, our personal experiences, our thoughts, our fears, our disappointments our expectations….. How does our day look when we are living solely from our human nature? We are driven by the circumstances around us. Hostage to the opinions or the actions of others. Dependent on something in the physical realm to make us happy or feel safe? You may know people who live entirely in this realm. up and down. Victim – blame. You may live in this realm from time to time. We all do – because we are human. How many times during the day do we remember that we are an expression of that One Presence – All Good? Do we live our lives as a conscious expression of the divine or as an unconscious expression of our humanity? The first step in enjoying this amazing blessing – the gift of our divine nature….. is remembering! How do we know when we forgot? It usually is brought to our attention through feelings of distress. Struggle. Anxiety. Withdrawal. Impatience. Defensiveness….. we are all familiar with these. Living fully in our divinity is not going to happen as long as we think we know it all – that we have life figured out – that we can bend the world to our wishes. Everything changes once I extend an invitation to Spirit to live through me. Once I decide to change my mind. Once I create an opening. Once I surrender to what is. God is not going to force itself on us. God, divine presence, is as close as our breath – in fact it is our breath. It is circulating through every molecule of our bodies as divine life. It is in every meal we eat, it is in the ground we walk on, it is in the air we breathe. I going to use an analogy but before I do I want to preface it with this statement. Whenever we try to compare something on the physical plane with a spiritual concept – at some point it will fall apart….but let’s play anyway. When we talk about the everywhere presence of God we could compare it to air. We are surrounded by air – we are surrounded by God. God has no visible form – neither does air. Air is circulating throughout our entire being – so is God. Air does not thrust itself on us. It is not pushing against us saying take me in, take me in. God does not – CANNOT - force itself on us – force is not part of the nature of God. Even God cannot make us do something that we don’t want to. We are not puppets. When we take a breath, we are making room for air to enter our bodies. In the same way we can make room for God and all the Good that God is. God is lying in pure potential – all good – waiting for US to invite it in. Into ourselves, into the situation we are facing, into our everyday activities. You know when you are listening to a CD – enjoying the music and then you put it on pause? And it stays on pause until we press play. This is what we do to God. Pause….So God is waiting….waiting…for us to press play. What happens when we meet with a difficult situation? Remember – being consciously on the spiritual path does NOT mean we will not face difficulties. Being on the spiritual path does not mean our lives and everyone and everything in them will always be the way we want. We are all going to run into something – probably on a daily basis – that catches us off guard. That we are not happy about – that we want to be different. What is our usual response? Fix it! We try this and that. And if it is not resolved, what do we do? Try harder! And toss in some criticism toward ourselves: we should be smarter, faster, more disciplined, we shouldn’t have, we should have…. Or criticism to the other person for not being smarter, faster, more disciplined, they shouldn’t have, they should have…….. And while we are doing this crazy-making……Where is God? Waiting…… waiting…..waiting….. Waiting for the invitation. Don’t even take the first step until I have checked in with Spirit. What does that kind of checking in do? It causes us to access our spiritual nature first and then we can’t help but engage in the situation differently. By taking a moment to consciously align ourselves with God we are creating an opening …… we are pressing the ‘play’ button for divine life, wisdom, guidance, abundance, joy, peace, harmony………….. Now that we are aligned with and consciously connected to all of that – now we can begin the task. And not just big projects, but in everything! When we wake up in the morning, throughout the day, before sleep at night. In the midst of everything there is some good. How do we know that? God is everywhere present. In the midst of everything is God and wherever God is Good is.