Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Does Letting Go Have to be Hard?

First, a short introduction to the “12 Powers” we use in our teachings. Our 1st principle says – one presence one power absolute good – and our reaction to that can be. OK. That’s a great premise but…now what? And our 2nd principle – that this One Power created me and that I am a spiritual being a well as human being. What can I do with that? It sounds so big and indefinable and impossible to put into words…..What does it mean to me and my life? How do I take ‘all that is’ and have a relationship with it? Early contributors to the New Thought movement grappled with this as well and there started to emerge a model that allows us to have a ‘hands on’ experience of our first and second principles. If we are made in the image and likeness that means that the attributes of God are also within us. We call these our 12 divine powers. Faith, love, understanding, wisdom, order, zeal, imagination….. these qualities are residing within us as the potential we draw from to fully live out our divine nature. Each one of these is like a station that we can tune into, that orients us to God, Spirit. The way a radio channel can connect us with a broadcasting station. I am going to use a physical analogy to describe a spiritual situation and there is always a place where it falls apart – but let’s see if this can shed some light on the relationship between us and God, using our divine powers. Let’s try this radio analogy……….We are all born with the ‘dial’ and we can choose how we tune into our powers. A little whisper of it with lots of static, we can ignore it….. or we can make an effort to use it and learn how to hone right in and get a beautiful strong clear connection. The three parts of the analogy I want to emphasize are: 1. we are all born with the dial – we all have the capacity to tune in. 2. the source is unlimited – we can’t use it up and we can’t get any more of it – we already one with the infinite source 3. nothing we do on the human plane can cause this pure connection point to be broken in any way. nothing. We have these 12 divine powers – but how wisely are we using them? Are we living them at their human level of expression or are we calling them forth to their full potential? How much do we want to tune in, how much do we want to be asleep? These divine powers are not forced upon on, they lay in their potential form within us waiting for us to explore…..and activate and use. For instance we all know how to use our human strength, but how can we lift it up and allow it to express as divine strength? And so forth with all our 12 powers. Human wisdom – divine wisdom. Human zeal – divine zeal. human life – divine life. How can we remember to access our divine potential and live from this place? To make sure we are always using them under the supervision……… guidance ..direction…….. of the Christ or our God-Self. Jesus was a perfect model of how we can experience and express these divine powers. He always acknowledged them as being of God, not himself. “Of myself I do nothing” “It is the father who does the work” “Your faith has made you whole”. Not my faith, my healing power, not my power, but the power of the One who created us all. With this short introduction to the 12 powers, let’s look at our power for November – release….letting go. There is a great story in Genesis 19 when an angel came to Lot and warned him that their home town would be destroyed. He was told to take his family and leave and don’t, under any circumstances, look back. Lot heeded this advice and left with his wife and two daughters. As they were leaving Lot’s wife turned around and looked back – and what happened to her? She turned into a pillar of salt. This story is an allegory for what can happen to us when we refuse to let go. We become stuck, hardened, unable to move and unable to enjoy life. Often times when we want to bring about something new in our lives, we use affirmations to draw it to us. We claim our incoming good. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, said that it is just as necessary to let go of thoughts and conditions when their purpose no longer serves us – as it is to claim new ideas that we want to bring into our lives. We need to let go of any concepts or beliefs that are not aligned with our spiritual principles such as fear, doubt, worry AND we need to let go of outdated or outgrown concepts, thoughts and feelings. There have probably been many events or people in our lives that have greatly enhanced our life experience. Good friends, wonderful homes, great jobs. We are not being asked to give up our appreciation for these good things. It is good to recognize and give thanks for them. But if by reliving them or spending a lot of time ‘back there’ – what happens? We will miss this NOW moment and this NOW experience and the good that we could be enjoying right NOW. We will also be missing the opportunities to BE all that we can be. How do we activate our power of release? If you have had the experience of cleaning something – like dusting a house or cleaning a pool – we have seen that the harder we try – the more we get in there and work – the more mess we get. The dust settles right back down after it flew all over the room and the water stays dirty for days as a result of all of our ‘hard work’. Force never produces the results we are looking for. If we go into the ‘release’ activities like a warrior trying to destroy something – we will be met with resistance. That would be our human approach. How would our divinity approach this cleansing? Gently, easily, lovingly - so put your highest nature in charge of your releasing activity – not your human nature. Identify anything that is not aligned with your true self – made in the image and likeness of God…..persistently and gently. Like turning a big ship around. nudge, nudge, nudge until it starts to move in a new direction. We also release by turning away from outdated thoughts – not giving them any more time or energy. Releasing is a cleansing, purifying activity. Like taking out the garbage – we don’t do it angrily or with regret that we collected all this garbage. We can do it without judgment or remorse. It is something we know needs to be done regularly so we can enjoy it and be grateful that we have the power to let go of the past – imagine if we didn’t? How burdened we would be? MEDITATION – seven steps of release from Winnifred Hausmann’s book “Your God-Given Potential” Awakening: I am aroused to positive action to free myself from wrong thinking habits of the past. Repentance: I turn away from old habits of limited thinking. I know that God is unlimited. Renunciation: I constantly replace old error thoughts with new spiritual truths. Refinement: My mind and body are cleansed and purified as I refine my thinking. Remission: God’s grace sets me free from mistakes of the past and the results of these mistakes. Re-creation: My whole being is continually renewed and transformed after the images of its Creator. Purity: With purity of heart I see God everywhere.