Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are You Ready to Receive?

We believe that God as source is everywhere present and we have the ability to tap into that source any time, any place. Jesus said ‘it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. God is not holding anything back from us or waiting until we are good enough to give us ‘the kingdom’. We are heirs to the kingdom. We want to be open to multiple channels to receive and be open to multiple ways to give. The doors need to be open: both giving and receiving and what we can see is that it’s the same door. It works for what’s coming in and what’s going out. – swinging doors. If we limit the ways we give, we limit the ways we can receive. There are a couple of other things that can stand in the way of our receiving our abundant good. After receiving something have you ever said, ‘I can’t believe someone would do this for me”? or “I never win anything”? or “I have to work hard for everything I have”? or “that’s too good for me”? Or “It’s not possible because I don’t have___________ enough time, enough energy, enough room, enough………… When we use this kind of language – we are focusing – focusing on what we don’t have, what is missing, on the past. Can you see how that shuts the door on receiving anything more? Take your mind. What have you said to yourself about your mind that is limiting? I know when I can’t find my keys or can’t remember someone’s name or a date – I can get pretty tough on myself. What about your body? What limiting thoughts do you have about your body? I have less flexibility, strength, energy…. What about our relationships? Have you ever uttered the words I only have so much………..patience, or understanding, empathy, compassion… Are we making room for more? Not very easily. What about your finances? Do you ever say “I only have…”? This is so easy to slip into. You look at the balance in your bank account and it is very easy to say, “I only have …”. It looks like reality. That is one reality. There is also another reality that is greater than anything we can see or measure or hold in our hands. We are surrounded by wealth in so many forms. Remember the story of Stone Soup? Each person does not have even enough for their own meal and they don’t want to give anything to the big pot. And yet with every carrot and potato and onion the soup grows and in the end there is enough for the entire village to eat a hearty bowl of sop. How many times have we erected a barrier around us that keeps anything new from coming in? We forget that we are connected to the Source of all good, to universal abundance, infinite supply and that there are many ways that good come to us. As much as we can, experience the good coming in as deeply as you can. Feel it right down into your bones. Breathe it in and smile. When we embody our gratitude it impacts every part of our being – mind, body and soul. And it affects everyone else around us – because we are happier, more content, at peace.