Sunday, June 24, 2012

All Our Spiritual "Parts"

Last Sunday was Father’s Day and I wanted to take some time to honour the divine masculine. We know that honoring our spiritual nature is not confined a few days out of the year, so we can do that any time. There are two things for us to look at: 1. how we can transform our thoughts regarding our experiences of our earthly fathers AND/OR 2. how we can transform our thoughts of a masculine God. First, a question. Have you ever taken the time to reflect on your spiritual journey? Looking back – way you’ve grown, things that have happened in your life. There are usually ah-ha moments when we are hit with a tremendous insight or understanding. And these we remember ands being pivotal on our path of spiritual growth and expression. And we can remember where we were, who was there, what was said, what happened. But what about before we even aware that we are on a spiritual journey? We may also remember some special insight that we had when we didn’t even know we were on a spiritual path. When we were just doing what we always did, not aware that Spirit was at work in our lives. Emilie Cady says “spirit is always tapping at our hearts” – trying to get us to pay attention and wake up to who and what we really are. But there was a huge chunk of my life when I wasn’t really paying attention. One of those occasions for me was Father’s day, probably around 1989. I had been going to Unity for about 18 months and enjoying the experience. It was a great way to get away from my hectic single mom life and have a couple of hours with adults – and the service wasn’t too bad either. But on this Father’s day the minister talked about the attributes of our earthly fathers and the attributes of God as Father. On Mother’s Day he had talked about Mother God and on this day he was talking about Father God. And as he described the qualities of the divine masculine I realized something – these were exactly the same qualities I was expecting from my earthly father! And how disappointed I had been because he never lived up to my expectations. I went out into the parking lot and sat in my car and suddenly got – deep down inside, how unfair it was for me to expect this kind of perfection from my dad. And what a huge relief it was to just let him be a human being. As soon as I made this shift it was so easy to forgive him and release myself from all that disappointment I had been carrying around for so many years. I was so happy – so light – so free. I could accept him just for who he was – a human being doing the best he could. I could love him unconditionally. It changed everything. I could visit with him and talk with him and listen to him, without expectation – with only love. This realization was only part one – because the other half was – since I let my dad off the hook – where could I direct my whole heart and soul? to my creator. My spiritual parent. God would always be there for me. God always has my highest interests at heart. God knows my inner most thoughts and dreams. God is my protector. God is only good and all good. God will never let me down. This was a huge awakening for me. At the Mother’s Day service we talked about some of the attributes of the divine feminine. Love, compassion, encouragement, support, nurturing, creativity I think we have really done ourselves a great disservice – by looking at the divine feminine – which is very prominent these days………..and then only seeing the earthly qualities of the masculine. Do you see how we are missing half the picture if we explore the feminine as sacred and then leave the masculine as mundane? I would like to explore 2 aspects of the divine masculine: Strength and Wisdom First strength – as we are talking about spiritual qualities, we are not talking about physical strength. But what does spiritual strength mean? A few years ago there were some very popular prints of lighthouses and huge waves. I have a copy of my favourite one in my office at home. It is the one of the huge wave swirling and breaking around the lighthouse. At the bottom of the lighthouse in the doorway, is the lighthouse keeper, standing calmly, hands in pockets. While towering over and behind him is the green white water of a terrifying wave. I have a copy of this one because it reminds me how I can be. The lighthouse to me represents strength . Steadfast, secure, solid. Non-resistant And it reminds me that no matter how wild and crazy things look – I can remain safe and secure in the strength of God’s presence. We have a song we sing: “God the still point of the circle, round whom all creation turns.” God is where everything has its beginning and end. Like the hub of a wheel – it spins, but does not move much. It is the stabilizing force of all the spokes and all the outer activity. And since we are spiritual beings, we all have the capacity to express these qualities. They are not dependent on the body we are born with – these are inherently part of each one of us. We each have this stable hub within us. Each of us can probably remember at least one time when we held firm, when we were steadfast, not swayed by seeming obstacles. Then we were exhibiting or using our power of divine strength. And wisdom – spiritual wisdom. We all use of mental wisdom: intellectual, analytical, reasoning, judgment. But there is another level of wisdom – spiritual wisdom - based on spiritual principles – coming from a place of our highest knowing. It is the ability to look beyond appearances or limiting concepts of the worldly view. If you can remember a time when you knew – not because you figured it out or reasoned it, but from the Christ of your being – you just ‘knew’ something. This was you using one of your masculine divine powers. We all have the same potential within us. We can use our spiritual powers to enhance our lives and make the world a better place for all.