Friday, April 24, 2009

Release or Relinquish?

Things are on the move—both in my physical world and in learning some valuable spiritual truths. Since January I have been running through three moving projects simultaneously. Two trips to California have been dedicated to assisting my mother in leaving our family home and moving to a retirement centre. A half a dozen trips to White Rock have moved a portion of our belongings to that “second” home. And in Victoria I am moving from the very spacious two floors upstairs to a one bedroom suite in the basement.

I have sorted through box after box, closet after closet, basement hide-outs, back porches and attics. From baby clothes (mine in California and my children’s here in Victoria), to magazines and books with beautiful art in them, treasures from my travels, long lost and neglected sewing and knitting projects and even programs from concerts of long ago.

However, there is nothing like doing something over and over again, that gives us the opportunity to hone our skills! And this is what I have learned…..

As we use the power of discernment, it sharpens and strengthens, the result being heretofore unknown clarity allowing us to see things in a new way. Its OK to reminisce and spend some time remembering and honouring the people or places that were meaningful to us in the past. I spent many hours sifting through a box and just letting the memories flood back.

However I did stop using the word “release” and instead starting using the word “relinquish”. Release almost implied that if I opened my hand, the object would, (metaphorically) disappear with hardly any effort. What I discovered was that it was also necessary to consciously and persistently untangle and relinquish the emotional hold these things had on me. I discovered that with time, it became easier and easier to recirculate items. And, my ability to trust and place my faith in the Infinite Source played a key role.

My son witnessed me reluctantly letting go of some old calendars with breathtaking photos, and reminded me how I always find beautiful art work and that there is more to come and enjoy, without having to hold on to these old ones.

There is so much good waiting to come to us. When we relinquish our hold on the past and make room - there is much more good to come than we can imagine!